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Monday, December 30, 2013

Castle Hill and Szimpla kert, Budapest, Hungary

My first morning waking in Budapest: still suffering from jet-lag so waking up super early even though i'm still exhausted. Robert and I went to the supermarket and bought some breakfast. I introduced him to vegemite which he said he liked, so i was glad. My initial plan was to get people to taste it without explaining how to eat it (thinly spread on toast with butter) and be amused by their reactions but i decided that was too mean. (If you're not familiar with it, vegemite is a salty brown paste and if you try to spread it on toast like peanut butter or eat a large amount from a spoon it tastes quite awful). After this i went for a walk, bought some gloves from a second hand store and came back. Later in the day Robert and i got coffee from a Melbourne themed cafe then walked around some shops before walking up to castle hill. To get there you cross a large bridge to the other side of the city and walk up a lot of steps. But the steep journey is worth it, the view is amazing (first photo: view of the Parliament building and the Danube river). Robert told me a story about a statue of a horse, it has giant golden testicles and students often rub them to get good luck before their exams. You have to actually climb onto the horse to be able to reach it and i wasn't too game. But apparently it works. We went back to the apartment and i had a bit of a nap before we met some other couch surfers at a famous bar called Szimpla kert. It's a really interesting place, with many crazy things on the walls from a giant ear to a light up switch board that activates different things in the room. There is also various kinds of furniture including a dentists chair and a car. The whole place has a really fun vibe and good music. Later we went to a club and went dancing. Outside there are these people dressed as clowns who's whole job is to keep the people outside lining up (or leaving) quiet. They "shhh" you if you talk too loudly. After an exhausting (but fun) day, i fell asleep quite quickly. 

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